Deceased Estate Help Centre

Our Siyatec Executors Help Centre is a geared towards sharing valuable information with those needing to know more about the process of winding up a deceased estate and obtaining Letters of Executorship.

Will Power
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Article by Sylvia Walker – Fair Lady (March/April 2023) Roughly 70% of working South Africans die without a will, often leaving their families in disarray or facing financial hardship. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. There’s a reason ‘the reading of the will’ is such a well-loved movie plot point: a…

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Transferring Vehicle Ownership After a Parent’s Death
Selling a property out of a deceased estate, it can be done

Required Documents for Transferring Ownership Losing a parent is a challenging time for any child, and one of the tasks they must face is sorting out the administration of their deceased parent’s estate. This process includes transferring ownership of assets like vehicles. To do so, one must first obtain Letters of Executorship from the Master.…

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Understanding Deceased Estate Property Transfers
Winding up a deceased estate simplified

Clients often ask us why it’s so difficult to transfer a deceased’s property to the heirs of the deceased. In reality – it’s not difficult – it’s just an administrative process which needs to be executed by qualified professionals.

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