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Our Siyatec Executors Help Centre is a geared towards sharing valuable information with those needing to know more about the process of winding up a deceased estate and obtaining Letters of Executorship.

How a surviving spouse inherits from a deceased estate

Master’s Office Lambasted for Poor Service Delivery

The Master’s Office is the public office responsible for the administration of deceased estates. The Siyatec website contains more information about the Master’s Office, as well as, explanatory videos. Essentially,

Bank Account Of A Deceased Person Frustrates Family

Bank Account Of A Deceased Person Frustrates Family

When the holder of a bank account dies, their bank account forms part of what is called a deceased estate. The cash in the bank account is to be transferred out of the deceased estate to a beneficiary nominated in the Will.

Customary Marriages

Customary Marriages Part 1/3

This article discusses why a customary marriage must be registered to protect the claim of a surviving spouse upon her husband’s death.