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Deceased Estate Administration – Testimonial – Stacy Van Rensburg


Deceased Estate Administration – Mother’s Estate – Testimonial

Our goal at Siyatec Executors is to make the process of winding up a deceased estate as easy and understandable as possible.

We recently assisted Stacy Van Rensburg to finalise her mother’s deceased estate. Here are a few words she shared with us.

Stacy Van Rensburg…

“I appreciate your guidance and assistance throughout this process. I understand that is your job but your service has gone beyond any obligation that you have as a service provider. It’s a good day because I was able to do this despite all the challenges but it is also sad because it means my Mum’s estate has completely reached its finality. Thank you so much for everything.”

We wish Stacy and her family peace and contentment.

If you need help with your loved one’s estate, Siyatec Executors is here for you.

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