Affordable and Efficient Deceased Estate Administration

Administration of deceased estates is a costly endeavour. Attorneys charge 3.5% of the gross assets of the estate as a fee. This means that if the family house is valued at R 1 500 000 attorneys will charge a fee of R 52 500 excluding advertising costs and the Master’s fee. At Siyatec we charge an affordable flat rate of R 21 000. The R 21 000 fee is payable in two payments: the first payment is made at the beginning of the process and the second is payable once Letters of Executorship are issued by the Master of the High Court.

If the value of the estate is less, perhaps only containing a car or investment, Siyatec charges a reduced fee.

  • Estates below R 250 000 is R 3500.
  • Estates over R 250 000 but less than R 750 000 is a fee of R 10 500.
  • All estates over R 750 000 is the flat fee of R 21 000.

Our fees will be increasing in June 2022 so don’t delay in making contact with us. Siyatec Executors specialise in the winding up of deceased estates. We have simplified the process to only a few easy steps. Most of these steps can be done online without the need to take time from your day to meet with us. Although our offices are based in Cape Town we administer estates all over South Africa. If you are based in Cape Town and would like to meet with us, there is no charge for a face to face consultation. Online consultations or telephonic consultations can also be arranged.

For more information email or call 021 201 7477.

Author:Junaid Cassiem

Siyatec Estate Administrator

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