Deceased estates - who is the Master?

Who is the Master of the High Court?

T he Master of the High Court has certain powers and duties which are regulated by various laws, including the Administration of Estates Act, No. 66 of 1965. An Office of the Master is situated in every provincial division of the High Court of South Africa. Each Master’s Office has trained personnel to assist the Master in carrying out its duties in relation to deceased estates. Even though we always refer to the Master, in reality, it is the trained personnel who assist the Master to carry out its duties and functions in respect of deceased estates.

The Master has many functions which, amongst others, include the following:

  1. To oversee the administration of deceased estates in accordance with the applicable laws. The purpose is to ensure an orderly winding up of the financial affairs of the deceased and the protection of the financial interest of the deceased’s heirs;
  2. To protect the interests of minors and legally incapacitated minors;
  3. Where funds have been paid into the Guardian’s Fund; to protect and administer the funds of minors, those who are contractually incapacitated or undetermined, as well as absent heirs;
  4. All documentary material received by the Master in respect of estates are to be safeguarded at all times;
  5. To process enquiries by executors, attorneys, beneficiaries and other interested parties relating to a deceased estate;
  6. To appoint an impartial and competent person as an executor of a deceased estate.

The Master will oversee the administration process from the time that the deceased estate was reported to the Master’s Office until such time that the deceased estate is finalised.

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Author Wafiq Davids (B SocSci, LL.B.)
Attorney, Notary, Conveyancer and Legal Consultant at Siyatec Executors

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