Deceased Estate Process – Amiena Arendse

Deceased Estate Process – Amiena Arendse

The late husband of Amiena Arendse and father of Shahiema Arendse passed away in September last year, they needed help with the deceased estate. They contacted us for assistance with the deceased estate process.

Siyatec Executors started the deceased estate process by reporting the estate and in turn obtained the Letters of Executorship from the Cape Town Master’s Office. We are at the stage where we are helping them deal with the assets of the estate in accordance with the deceased’s Will.

Here’s a word from the Amiena Arendse:

“If you’re looking for help with your loved one’s estate, Siyatec Executors is the solution you need.“

We wish the Arendse family comfort and ease for their loss.

Like the Arendse family if you need help with the Deceased Estate Process, contact us today.

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Author: Waseemah Doutie (LL.B.)
Attorney, Conveyancer and Legal Consultant at Siyatec Executors

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